Radeau franske bulldogs

Joe von der Raspeburg

Han født i Tyskland d. 14/4 2009/ male born in Germany on 14/4 2009

Joe blev en stjerne på himlen d. 22/6 2022, så han blev godt 13 år

ED: 0
JLPP: N/N (Fri)

BH and IPO1






RKD CH(Club champion)

Club Veteran Champion

Fyens Veteran Vinder 2017

Eventyr Veteran Vinder 2017

Holland Cup Veteran vinder 2017

Far: DT.VDH-CH, DT.VDH-J-CH, ADRK-J-CH, BJS´07, KS´08, ES´09 Danjo von der Tonberger Höhe, HD: A & ED: +/-, BH, ZTP, AD, VPG3

Mor: Bea von der Raspeburg, HD: A & ED: 0, BH, ZTP, VPG1



Farfar: INT./SCHWZ./DT.VDH-CH ES'02 Ö-BS'02 SCHWZ.KS'02 Ö-KS'02'03 Mambo von der rossner Ranch, HD: B & ED: 0, BH, ZTP, IPO3, VPG3, FH2, AD
Farmor: Iris vom Wolfsberg, HD: A & ED: 1, BH, ZTP, VPG1

Morfar: Dt.VDH-CH Clodo vom Gondelsheimer Schloss, HD: A & ED: 0, BH, ZTP, AD, VPG3
Mormor: Happy vom Wahrerner Eck, HD: A & ED: 0, BH, ZTP, AD, VPG1
Farfarsfar: INT./SCHWZ./ÖSTERR./LUX./DT.VDH-CH WJS'94 BS'97 BJS'94 Ö-BS'95'96'97 Ö-BJS'94 SCHWZ.KS FCI-ES'97 Rick vom Burgthann, HD: A & ED: 0, BH, ZTP, AD, VPG3, IPO3
Farfarsmor: Evi von der Crossner Ranch, HD: B, BH, AD, VPG1
Farmorsfar: INT./DT.VDH-CH Ayk vom Bickesheim, HD: A & ED: 0, BH ZTP, AD, VPG3, IPO3
Farmorsmor: Itta vom Hirschenrangen, HD: B, BH, ZTP, AD, VPG1
Morfarsfar: Heiko vom Hause Enzian: HD: A & ED: 1, BH, ZTP, AD, VPG3
Morfarsmor: Asta vom Obergrombacher Schloss, HD: A & ED: 0, BH, VPG1
Mormorsfar: DT.VDH-CH Vulcan von der Teufelsbrücke, HD: A & ED: +/-, BH, AD, VPG3
Mormorsmor: Debby vom Wahrerner Eck, HD: B & ED: 1, BH, ZTP, VPG2


Show results:

On CACIB show in Kassel(D) on 10/12 2017
Judge: Anton Spindler(ADRK)
Result 1. Platz in veteran class with Anw.DT.VET.VDH-CH and BOB Veteran

On Holland Cup Winner show in Amsterdam(NL) on 8/12 2017
Judge: Viktor van Raamsdonk(BE)
Result: V1 in veteran class and BOB Veteran

On eventyr vinder show in Odense(DK) on 6/5 2017
Judge: Noel Beggs(IRL)
Result: EXC1 with CQ and Club CAC, Eventyr veteran Winner 2017, best Veteran
and by that Jow is now also Veteran Club Champion!!!

On Fyens vinder in Odense on 6/5 2017
Judge: Jørgen Hindse Madsen(DK)
Result: EXC1 with CQ and club CAC, Fyens veteran winner 2017 , best veteran.

On national show in Bremen 31/7 2016


Result: V1 with anw.DT.VDH-CH in champion class, and by that Joe is now DT.VDH-CH in the age of 7 years old.

On CACIB show in Bremen(D) 30/7 2016


Result: V2 with Anw.DT-VDH-CH in Champion class

On CACIB show in Roskilde(DK) 30/4 2016

Judge: J.R. Walsh(Ireland)

Result: EXC1, CQ in CH class, R.CACIB, 2nd best male

"7 years old, EXC condition, plesing size and propotions and substance, well angulated front and rear, moves like much younger dog, a little full in eye, overall excellent"

On national show in Bremen 2/8 2015
Judge: Branislav Rajic
Result: V2 and res.Anw.DT.VDH-CH om CH class

On CACIB show in Bremen on 1/8 2015
Judge: Freddie Klindrup(DK)
Result: V1 Anw.DT.VDH-CH in Championclass

On CACIB show in Drammen(N) on 7/6 2015
Result: EXC2 with CQ in champion class, CAC, res. CACIB and 2. best male
Now Joe is also NOCH and NORDCH🙂

On Heide Schau in Meine(D) on 24/5 2015
Judge: Uwe Petermann(ADRK)
Result: V2 with res. Anw.DT-VDH-CH in champion class

On Scandinavian Klub Sieger on 3/5 2015 in Linå(DK)
Judge: Edgar Hellman(ADRK)
Result EXC2 witH CK in champion class

On Danish Klub Sieger on 2/3 2015 in Linå(DK)
Judge: dr. Proff. Peter Friedrich(ADRK)
Result: EXC2 with CK in champion Class and Clb CAC, and by that he is now also RKD CH(Danish CLUB CH)

On Schwalestadt show in Neumünster(D) on 3/4 2015
Judge: Rüdiger Schmidt(ADRK)
Result V2 with Res. Anw.DT.VDH-CH in championclass

On show in Rottweiler Club, DK in Odense on 2/4 2015
Judge: Carsten Birk(DK)
Result: V1 in champion class, CK, Club CAC and 3rd best male on show.

CACIB show in Malmø(Sweden) on 28/3 2015
Judge Chresten Scheel(DK)
Result: V1 in champion class, CK, CAC, CACIB and BOS and by that also SUCH(swedish Champion)

Rottweiler special christmas show in Rødding(DK) on 15/11 2014
Judge: Yvonne Bekkers(NL)
Result: V1 in working class, CK, CAC, CLB CAC and today DKCH

DKK international show in Herning on 2/11 2014
Judge: Christine Watson(CY)
Result: V1 om working class, CK, CAC

DKK international show in Herning on 1/11 2014
Judge: Isolde Huber(D)
Result: V1 in working class, CK and CAC and 4th best male

ADRK show in Bad Kösen on 15/5 2011
Judge: Frank Hedtke(ADRK)
Result: V2 in openclass with res.Anw.DT.VDH-CH

ADRK show in Mühlhausen(D) on 5/9 2010
Judge: Helmut Weiler(ADRK)
Result: V2 in youth class with res.Anw.DT.VDH-Jugend-CH and res CAC Jugend

Chateau von Astrup´s Asti 3,5 month old


Here you can see which litters that has been sired by Joe

Vom Hause Luna´s Ronja

Puppies born on 14/2 2015

1 male3 females

Kennel Radeau

Gert´s Jutta

Puppies born on 18/1 2016

3 males and 3 females

Annwinden Dothea

Puppies born on 3/8 2016

3 males and 2 females

Britta From Royal Breed

Puppies born on 19/1 2017

3 males and 3 females

Kennel Chateau von Astrup´s

Radeau Udine

Puppies born on 13/4 2017

2 males

Kennel Radeau

Joe 7 years old at Hammershus, Bornholm(DK)